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Sorting Center Moscow 111974 address

Although ordinary letters are rare these days, people sometimes receive notices of registered letters, in the sender's line of which only the data assigned by the sorting centers appear. The question arises, where exactly are these centers located, if there is an opportunity to contact them? In this article you will find the address of one such sorting center in Moscow with the index 111974.

Статус отправления
Departure status

The content of the article:

Where is the ASC in Moscow with the index 111974?

Far more than one sorting center is located in Moscow and the Moscow Region. To identify each of them, they were assigned postal services indexes. Thus, the automated sorting center with the index 111974 is located at, Moscow, Perovskaya 68. There is another name - “Moscow MSP-3 Workshop 4”, mpko-east. ” If necessary, contact the sorting center, you can call the hotline telephone number 8-800-2005-888.

Most often, contacts of sorting centers are necessary for people to ask for help when a package or letter remains for a long time in the center's workshop. This can happen due to problems with the parcel documents or incorrect recipient data in the address bar of the letter. This service has a working day schedule that can be specified by the telephone hotline number. On the map in the Google and Yandex search engines you can easily find the location and address of the sorting center in Moscow with the index 111974.

Расположения АСЦ с индексом 111974 в Москве
The location of the ASC with the index 111974 in Moscow

What is a sorting center?

An automated sorting center is a special service that receives, processes and routes the following route of correspondence and parcels. There are special machines and conveyors that sort and process letters. One of the largest centers is located in Moscow, near the Village of Sharapovo . There are more than 2 thousand employees, 440 of which are replaced every day.

Sorting centers work in conjunction with logistics centers. These services are involved in creating routes and delivering mail and parcels between centers and post offices. Moscow ASCs mostly work with six regions of Russia - Kaluga, Tver, Tula, Ryazan, Vladimir and Moscow itself.

For example, if you send a letter in the Moscow region and address it to Vladivostok, then first of all he will have to go to the ASTs Podolsk, after which he will most likely go to the sorting center in the far east ( Krasnoyarsk 75 ). Thus all shipments work.

Цех сортировочного центра
Shop sorting center

The importance of statuses when tracking letters

For tracking letters often use special services. You can do this on the Russian Post website. On the main page there is a line for entering track numbers. The number can be found under the bar code on the notice. Enter it in the line, and you will receive information about all the centers that passed the letter. There will be a time of arrival and departure to the next center or post office.

Consider the main statuses when tracking correspondence:

  • arrived at the sorting center - this means that the letter or parcel arrived at the center and within 20 hours it will be processed, this is the average time of passage of the letter of one center;
  • arrived at the place of delivery - when the letter overtakes the post office in the area of ​​the addressee, you will see this status. This means that you can already go to the mail for an envelope;
  • left the sorting center - the letter left the center and is sent to the next processing point;
  • transferred to customs - the status says that the shipment is at the customs, on average, correspondence passes customs within 1 day;
  • customs clearance is completed - the letter has passed inspection at customs and will soon proceed to the next destination;
  • export - most often the letter or parcel is in this status most of the time. This is due to the fact that correspondence can wait several days until the required number of items is collected to fully load the luggage compartment of the aircraft;
  • import - also in this status, the parcel can take a relatively long time, at the dispatch stage all necessary documents are checked, bar codes are scanned, data entry is checked and so on.

Work inside the sorting centers

Most of the correspondence processed in sorting centers falls on registered letters. Mostly registered letters are sent by public services. If we talk about services that most often use registered correspondence - these are traffic policemen.

Here not only registered letters are processed, but also parcels, EMS shipments, letters, parcels, valuable letters. Commercial organizations often use registered letters to send product catalogs to their customers and partners. Every day more than 3 million items are sorted here. Most of the work, according to employees, falls on the beginning of the summer. A similar situation is observed at all ASCs, including the sorting center in Moscow at ul. Perovskaya 68, with the index 111974.

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” 6 Comments “ Sorting Center Moscow 111974 address

  1. My parcel 12108727024561 is already the 2nd month traveling through the sorting centers of Moscow, although in the history of tracking on 04.12.18 it was said: "Redirected to the correct address." The correct address: Tula 300034 Nefedovoi V.A. A parcel for me from Moscow was sent to PO No. 5 of Tula, but no notification was brought to me and after 15 days the package was sent back. I wrote a complaint to the site of the Russian Post, I was told that they will understand, and here is the result. Please help!

  2. Good day! Letter 35219010152159 Sent with a mistake in the name of the area. Please deliver to "by the Golyanovo district" I beg you. Urgent document.

  3. My registered letter RB202911800UA was sent by mistake to the postal 109240, but it was necessary to the postal 109992, who corrected the error, it was there from 10-01-2019.

  4. Moscow MSP-3 Shop-4 MPKO-Vostok 111974 - Employees are thieves! Parcels and small packages disappear without a trace. Applying for a search does not give any results. Banal formal replies. It's time to file a class action.

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