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Stolbishche 420311, 420310, 420300, 420306 where it is

All those who ordered goods from online stores or simply tracked letters and parcels using special sites, observed in the information the following statuses - Stolbishche 420311, 420300, 420306, 420310. Many people are interested in where it is located. You can learn more about this later in the article.

Что такое Столбище?
What is Column?

The content of the article:

Where is the Column?

First of all, users' questions relate to the very name “Column” - what is it?

The column is the ASC of one of the largest sorting centers in Russia. The main and affiliated sorting centers are located in the city of Kazan. All of them have their own indices - 420310, 420300, 420306, 420311. The sorting center is engaged not only in the processing of long-distance, but also international shipments. That is why most of the Russian correspondence is taking place here.

The main activities of the Kazan Center:

  • processing and drawing up the correct delivery route;
  • sending parcels and registered mail to the specified address;
  • processing of all received parcels and letters (parcels, international parcels, registered letters, etc.);
  • restructuring of delivery routes, for the earliest achievement of the destination;
  • the solution of customs issues, processing of documents received from the customs of all items (long-distance and international).

Kazan sorting centers handle a large number of cities and regions: Ulyanovsk and Samara regions, Kazan, Mari El, Udmurtia, Chuvashia and others. If we talk about the amount of post offices to which letters and parcels arrive, their number exceeds 3.5 thousand. It belongs to the enterprise UFPS "Tatarstan Pochtasy", whose index is 421700. Today, sorting centers are very popular in the Russian Federation and Tatarstan and their number is growing every year. They help to significantly simplify the process of sorting and delivering mail.

Сортировочный центр Столбище
Sorting center Stolbische

See also: Podolsk DTI what it is on the postal and cash on delivery notice .

Address and location on the map of the center of Stolbishche

If we compare the sorting center Stolbishche with Moscow Sharapovo , then here the processing of letters per year is not so great. But still the center is considered one of the largest in the region. 1 package here can be processed from 1 day to 3. On busy days there are delays.

Where is it? . The Stolbyshche sorting center is located at - Tatarstan, Laishevsky district, Stolbishche, index 420300. There is also a telephone to which you can reach - +7 843 292 50 55 . . There is another telephone hotline - 8 800 2005 888 . The territory of the center is quite extensive, so you can easily find it on Google and other electronic maps.

Столбище на Google Maps
Google Maps Column

How to track the parcel

In order to track the package, to trace all the stages of the passage of the letter and get answers to their questions, users use special services. They are quite simple to use, they are designed for inexperienced computer users. Therefore, anyone can here trace the path of the passage of his parcel or letter. Go to and on the main page enter your track code in the corresponding window. The buyer receives this code from his seller when placing an order.

Строка для ввода трек-номера на
The line for entering track numbers on

The track code (or track number) is a postal identifier. When you receive the status of “Column” with the indices 420311, 420310, 420300, 420306, you can track the parcel exactly when it comes out of a certain center. When you enter it on the corresponding Internet services, users are shown information on the location of the package at the moment. If the user is not registered, the information is displayed once. After registration, you can receive statuses to the specified email address or in your account. Every time the parcel gets to the next sorting point, the state border passes - the user receives this information.

What do statuses mean when tracking a parcel

Often when tracking a package, users ask questions about the status and location of their package. We give the main statuses when passing a package or letter all the way from the sender to the recipient through the Column.

  1. пояснять не нужно. The tracking status “Left Customs” does not need to be explained . The only thing that needs to be said is that the period for customs clearance depends on weather conditions and the time of year. In the cold months, parcel processing may be delayed, in the summer they go through customs for 1 day.
  2. — в этом статусе говорится, что посылка прошла успешно один из сортировочных центров и продолжила свой путь уже к адресату или следующему центру. Package “Left an intermediate point” - in this status it says that the package was successfully passed by one of the sorting centers and continued on its way to the addressee or the next center.
  3. — соответственно означает, что письмо или посылка пришли в сортировочный центр. “Arrived at an intermediate point” means, accordingly, that the letter or parcel arrived at the sorting center. Within a few days, it will be processed and you will receive the previous status in the tracking notification.
  4. — следующий сортировочный пункт Столбище. "On the way to Kazan LCP" - the next sorting point Stolibische.
  5. — означает, что посылка находится в одном из сортировочных центров и проходит все необходимые этапы для следующей отправки. Tracking status “Sorting” - means that the parcel is in one of the sorting centers and goes through all the necessary steps for the next shipment.
  6. — означает, что этап прохождения таможни завершился успешно, теперь можно ожидать свою посылку в ближайшее время. “Arrived on the territory of Russia” - means that the stage of customs clearance was completed successfully, now you can expect your parcel in the near future. You also have the opportunity to track the next location of the parcel using the appropriate services and go there yourself to pick it up if there is no time to wait.

    Информация при отслеживании посылки
    Information when tracking a parcel

The status of “Column” does not change for a long time.

There are cases when the status of “Column” does not change for more than 3-4 days, that is, in fact, the parcel is “stuck” in this sorting center. This can be determined by the tracking of “Where is the parcel” already reviewed by us. Many reasons may affect this:

  • loading of letter processing shops, such periods usually fall on big holidays - New Year, Christmas, Victory Day, and so on;
  • There are many cases of delayed parcels due to the human factor - elementary mistakes of workers of the workshop, loss of parcels, and more;
  • problem situations with parcel documents, such moments often occur with customs, incomplete addresses in documents, courier errors;
  • delivery problems - this is usually damaged packaging during transportation, in such cases, acts of inspection and restoration of the package are created.

If you have received the “Column” status with a certain index and it does not change for 3 days, you need to wait another 4 days, that is, a week. You can then send requests for the cause of the delay to the sorting center. By law, your parcels can be kept in warehouses for up to 2 weeks, in accordance with the type of incident that occurred with the parcel.

You can make a request for obtaining the necessary information in different ways, but the fastest and most efficient way of communication is the hot line of the Stolibische centers - 8 800 200 58 88.

  1. You can also place an application for consideration of your case on the official site “Russian Post”, where you need to specify all the information.
  2. In the section, click on the “Parcels” link and select “Help” in the top bar.

If the parcel is delayed, it is usually for several days. Calling for help to the hotline does not even have time to be considered, as the addressee receives a notice of receipt of the parcel in the nearest post office. Indices 420311, 420310, 420300, 420306 The column can be found in the index database on the Russian Post website.

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” 21 Comments “ Stolbishche 420311, 420310, 420300, 420306 where is it

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    Ugliness !!!!!

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  9. And what is most interesting is that the people who write here “return the parcel” and “kick the sorters” do not seem to have enough gray matter to understand that this site has nothing to do with either the Stolbishches or the Russian post office. And then they say, "I wrote, but they ignored me." You at least look at the name of the site.

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  12. 44308328018009 was sent from Samara to Norilsk on 12.26.2018.
    Your DYBILOIDS sent the package back to Samara. They saw in the package the liquid, forbidden to transport, DITCH !!! There are 400 DVDs in the package. Now she expects to receive an addressee in Samara, which is already in Norilsk for 3,500 km. I will contact the prosecutor's office.

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