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Voronezh-DTI what is it on the mail notification

Recently, people have become much less likely to look into their mailboxes. The Internet has replaced many paper letters. If earlier received mail envelopes brought joyful anticipation, then today letters with little-known symbols may even frighten a person. In this article you can find out what Voronezh-DTI is on the mail notification.

The content of the article:

What is Voronezh-DTI?

Letters marked Voronezh-DTI (or Podolsk DTI , Sharapovo DTI ) indicate that most likely you have received some kind of message from one of the public services. Such symbols indicate that this is a registered letter. An additional technological index is the decoding of the characters DTI. Such an index can receive registered letters in the sorting centers, which they pass on the way to the addressee. This index is a virtual, real address of the service that sent you correspondence, another. It is not always possible to identify it until you look at the envelope itself.

Voronezh-DTI sorting center is a workshop that is equipped with special equipment for processing letters and parcels. These centers can be found in almost every city in Russia. They provide the shortest way for letters that are addressed to you. The index is assigned to letters for the reason that the real index space is not enough for all organizations. Therefore, the postal services put into operation virtual DTI.

What is the difference between registered and regular letters?

Registered letters have some differences from ordinary ones. For example, each registered letter is assigned a track number by which its path can be traced. Such correspondence is handed over personally to the recipient, who must sign for its receipt. The sender can use a special service. It lies in the fact that when the letter fell into the hands of the addressee, he receives a message about it. The sender can receive it on his mobile phone in the SMS video message or receive the notification itself, which the recipient has signed.

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Who can send letters Voronezh-DTI

What is this notice? Registered letter Voronezh-DTI can send you any government services. If you have debts in banks, then surely the letter came from there. If you are a private entrepreneur, then we can assume that in the envelope, please pay taxes. Drivers are often in registered letters receive a message about the need to pay a fine for violation of traffic rules. Recently, on the roads of Russia began to intensively place surveillance cameras. Therefore, in the envelope can be a photo from the place of violation.

In 2018, a law was passed that conscripts will now receive messages about the need to appear at the local military registration and enlistment office via email notification. Therefore, if you are a citizen of draft age, then this letter may be in the envelope. In a registered letter, Voronezh-DTI may also receive goods from commercial companies. It is proposed to pay them by cash on delivery. In case of failure, you must fill out a small form.

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What if you do not get a letter Voronezh-DTI

After people find a postal notice with Voronezh-DTI in their inbox, the thought comes not to go to the post office to write a letter. And what can happen if you do not receive the letter. The fact is that it can contain various messages, for example, from a court. The letter indicates the date of the next court hearing, but if you did not receive it, you are legally acquainted with it. A letter in 7 days will go back to the sender. In this case, you may have complications due to the non-appearance in the courtroom.

с момента поступления. Registered letters from other services are in the mail up to 30 days from the date of receipt. In any case, it is recommended to come to the post office with a passport and a notice, and receive an envelope. с момента получения. After all, you can appeal against it within 10 days of receipt. If you do not agree with the content of the letter, you can write a response letter in which you specify all the necessary arguments. In the letter you need to put a copy of the relevant documents, as well as a copy of your passport.

How to find out from whom the mail notification before receiving the envelope

As we have already determined, each registered letter has its own track number. It is possible to determine not only the entire path from the sender to the addressee, but in some cases to determine the service that sent you the message. For this you need the number itself. It is under the barcode notice. Usually it consists only of numbers. Find it and write it down.

Отслеживаем письмо
We trace the letter

Then go to . Here on the main page you will find a special line where you need to enter the track number. It is located on the right, in the “Track” block. Enter a numeric value in the empty field and press the blue button to display the information we need. Below you will see all sorting centers, which passed the letter. Under these statuses, you will be able to identify the service that sent you a registered letter marked Voronezh-DTI in the mail notification.

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