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Wildverries (or Wildberry) is one of the largest online trading platforms in Russia where you can purchase various goods - from shoes to electrical equipment for your home. It provides its services also in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Belarus. When shopping here, users face different situations, so they often look for a hotline on

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The history of the online store online store was created in 2004 by Tatyana and Vladislav Bakalchuk. In 2012, the marketplace entered the market of Belarus, providing its products there, and in 2014 the delivery to the territory of the country of Kazakhstan was carried out. For the first time Wildberries was recognized as the most popular service in 2015. The following year, the site came out on top in sales among all companies of the Russian Federation. This event was associated with a large number of self-delivery items online store.

In 2017, Wildberry was valued at $ 419 million, and the organization immediately ranked 4th in the Russian version of Forbes among the network companies of Runet. In early 2018, Wildberries began to distribute food.

Telephone hotline in Wildbury provides many ways to contact technical support. There are also topics of questions on which you can get an answer:

  • your product has never arrived at your address;
  • have questions about the products provided in the online store;
  • the quality of the product that was purchased in this store does not suit you;
  • if the user wants to get advice on certain products;
  • there are issues related to the functional side of the online store;
  • other issues.

There are really quite a few reasons for contacting the store's technical support. Fortunately, the user has a large selection of communication types:

  • using social networks - VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Viber, Messenger are available;
  • create an appeal on the Wildberries site - for this you need to go to and click on the link “Create an Appeal”;
  • Skype - for this you need to type a message from your Skype to the contact “Wildberries WB” (only text messages are accepted);
  • email -;
  • WhatsApp - +7 926 537 31 37;
  • Mobile phone 8495 775 55 05 - you need to consider your region;
  • make a call directly from the site - for this you need to follow the link indicated above and click on the corresponding link "Call from the site";
  • the address for returning the goods is Wildberry LLC, 115551, Moscow, POB 20;
  • legal address - Moscow region, Leninsky district, Milkovo village, possession 1, 142715.

    Виды связи с технической поддержкой Wildberries
    Types of communication with technical support Wildberries

By calling the hotline, you can get an answer to all your questions. But before that you can see frequently asked questions on the store's website. To do this, open the contact information page (link above) and select the link to them at the bottom right of the window. Perhaps here you will find the answer to your question and you do not have to contact support.

Частые вопросы на
Frequently asked questions on

Mobile application

You can download the mobile app in Google Play or the App Store for your device. They are quite convenient to use, because the phone is always at our fingertips. Thus, the application has several advantages.

  1. Understandable and simpler interface, unlike the web version.
  2. Distributed by the application for free.
  3. There are no failures or other similar troubles.
  4. Convenient distribution of goods into categories and types.
  5. Through him, the ordering process occurs fairly quickly.

Using the Wildburse mobile app, you can also contact technical support directly from it. For this you need:

  • Open the settings on the side of the screen;
  • in the list of settings, find the menu item;
  • in it you need to find the item "Contacts" and select it;
  • here you will also find several types of communication, select the one you need.

Delivering Wildberries

In the Wildberry shop, seasonal sales and promotions are held periodically. All buyers who purchase goods in the amount of 15 thousand rubles, become owners of favorable discounts for the following purchases. The buyer does not worry about the delivery, because it is provided in almost all parts of Russia by its own courier service or its partners.

The store provides more than one and a half million products from 10 thousand different brands of clothing, accessories, products for the family and home, food, sports goods and so on. Here you can find not only products, but also information. The site publishes various articles every day on the subject of fashion, beauty and style, which can help in choosing clothes and beauty items. If you have questions about products online store - call the hotline 8 800 775 55 05.

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