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Hello, My nickname in darknet is ... - what is this letter

Recently, news began to spread that a hacker was blackmailing users on the Internet using an electronic mailbox. Such letters most often go to forgotten or working e-mail accounts. The letter threatens to publish intimate photos taken allegedly by the camera device of the user. Let us consider in more detail what kind of letter “Hello, My nickname in darknet is ...”.

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What is Darknet?

The letter states that the hacker has a certain nickname in the hidden peer network Darknet . This network is offline. To get into it, you need to use special software - Tor browser, I2P, RetorShare and more. The sites here are also different from the usual ones and have different domain zones, for example, onion.

Peering networks are used to ensure privacy on the network. It is quite difficult to track the actions of users in it, since all requests are transmitted from computer to computer and not from computer to server. Thus, even for the respective services, it becomes difficult to control the traffic of a specific computer. Darknet's frequent visitors are drug dealers, hackers and scammers.

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What is the letter "Hello, My nickname in darknet is"?

An email is sent to users in English, of the form Hello, My nickname in darknet is. In it, the hacker reports that he has developed a special trojan that has penetrated your computer and now it owns all the information and passwords from the sites. It is also reported that in the hands of the hacker are video files or snapshots of an intimate nature, which were made by the user's camera. If the user does not pay a certain amount in Bitcoins to the purse indicated in the letter, the obscene files will be made publicly available and sent to all the contacts of the victim.

Some users claim that the password from the mail in the letter My nickname in darknet is des53, which the hacker provided were real. But most often it was either office (work) accounts of the postal service, or mail that was not used for a long time. When I tried to track down the places where the letters from hackers were sent from, it was possible to establish that they had worked with the help of a tunnel. Most often, the IP addresses belonged to the servers of Turkey, Vietnam and China.

Also, when investigating several letters, it was possible to establish that the attacker (or group) used Wi-Fi wireless networks that were located in the same city. Because all these networks had access to one provider.


How does this scheme work?

Experts who have investigated several such letters with threats claim that hackers act solely on the method of social engineering. That is, this method is almost entirely based on the psychological impact on its victim. Having found some data on the network and specifying it in a letter, the attacker thus tries to prove his occupation. It is necessary that they believe that he has the information that he speaks about in the letter.

Another influence tool is that a hacker specifies a password and speaks about Darknet - the abode of hackers and people who belong to criminal elements. All this allows you to intimidate users. In the study of bitcoin wallets, it was possible to establish that this was far from unsuccessful. In a few days, the earnings of such intruders reach 1 Bitcoin, which today amounts to $ 6,350. The average Russian citizen does not make this money in six months.

Письмо от хакера
Hacker Letter

Sender's Mailbox Address

In the letter “my nickname in darknet is i hacked this mailbox more than six months ago,” the hacker indicates that he is a professional in his field. You can find the item in the letter, where it says that the letter came from the user's box. This is the same if you sent the letter to yourself. This fact also plays in favor of the fraudster, because not every user knows that this is not so difficult. And all the more, it does not mean that your mailbox was really cracked.

What to do if the letter came to my inbox?

If you have received such a letter in your inbox, you do not have to make hasty conclusions, let alone follow the conditions of the blackmailers. It is worth remembering that most of the hacking of user data on the Internet is not at a technical, but at a psychological level. The same principle is followed by fraudsters who create all sorts of SMS-mailing with a request to urgently send funds to a friend, family member and so on. The best method of confronting such fraudsters is ignoring.

If you are not sure about the reliability of your anti-virus software, then download one-time utilities to scan your computer for viruses. Dr.Web CureIt and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool are great for this purpose. They are free and have powerful virus scanning tools. After that, contact the technical support of the postal service and ask for help from them. And simply delete the letter “Hello, My nickname in darknet is” from the box.

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