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Insurance charges in the amount of 32,578 rubles were found for your snills, which means

Messages come to subscribers on the mobile phone, in which the compensation is referred to - “Insurance charges in the amount of 32,578 rubles were found by the number of your withdrawal.” Messages come to e-mail with similar content. This is argued by the fact that the state is silent about payments in order to reduce budget expenditures. But are these statements true, let's look at this later in the article.

Сайт мошенников
The site on which the verification of documents


The program recognizes bills 200 and 2000

In 2017, the company “Goznak” created an application for recognizing new Russian banknotes 2000 and 200 rubles. The program for Android and iOS mobile devices has been available in specialty stores since mid-January 2018. Critics say that a real smartphone fake cannot be determined with a smartphone alone, but it’s possible to determine a rude fake.

Приложение для идентификации банкнот
Banknote Identification Application


Messages in this conversation are encrypted in vibera: what does it mean

Users of the popular instant messenger "VibER" while exchanging text messages may notice next to the text entry line a lock icon that can change its color. When you click on it, a message appears that the messages in this conversation are encrypted, and only you and your interlocutor have access to your conversation. What is this message, and what is its meaning? Let's figure it out.

Разбираемся, что означает уведомление Вайбера о том, что приложение зашифровано
Understand what Vibeer's notification means that the application is encrypted


Web Companion what is this program

There are many websites on the Internet that use various fraudulent methods to lure money or personal data from users. Sometimes we ourselves enter the login / password from our social network accounts in forms on suspicious (unknowingly) resources, which provide third parties with access to important information. But software developers are not standing still and are constantly creating various means of protection against malicious sites - these are the latest versions of antivirus programs and special utilities. And today we will talk about one of these utilities. I will talk about Web Companion - what the program is and how it can protect us from visiting fraudulent resources.

Программа от компании Lavasoft
Adaware web companion


Google Authenticator for PC

Protecting personal data with Google Authenticator on smartphones and PCs is one of the most reliable and easy-to-learn ways to prevent unauthorized access to your profile. With the increasing share of the presence of a person on the Internet, hacking your account can lead to quite serious problems. Therefore, the use of Google Authenticator on a computer to provide additional verification at the entrance does not look like an extra reinsurance at all. The question requires more detailed consideration, which will be discussed further.

Приложение GA
General view of the application


How to use Aircrack-NG

In this article I will talk about the program - Aircrack-NG, I will describe its functionality and capabilities, as well as explain how to use Aircrack-NG. The Internet has long been a familiar attribute of our lives. Through the Internet, we communicate, learn news, watch movies and listen to music, learn, make money and much more. At the same time, the Internet may not always be at hand and freely available, and quite often, when searching for a free Wi-Fi network, we are met by dozens of private and password-protected alternatives. Nothing wrong! There are programs that, with due skill (and most importantly, patience) allow you to open a password to someone else's access point and enjoy the Internet from it absolutely free.

Логотип программы Aircrack
Aircrack logo


Free SSL certificate from L'ets Encrypt to Debian

The massive transition of sites to work on an encrypted protocol is gaining momentum day after day. And if before working with certificates was a rather routine task, today you can easily and free get a certificate with a basic verification of ownership of the owner.

And this will help us cool service Let's Encrypt . This certification center began to work in beta mode on December 3, 2015. And during this time the number of its users is growing.


How to hide the server application version

Hiding the version of the software used on the server is a good practice to confuse potential hackers. After all, knowing the version, for example, a web server, you can try to exploit a vulnerability that is relevant for this version.

And if the hacker does not know which version of software is used on the server, the selection of the vulnerability becomes a little more difficult. This page presents the parameters of some applications that allow you to hide the version and even the fact of using the service itself.