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Forward Secrecy for nginx

In today's world, data encryption is not just a whim, but a direct necessity. In particular, encrypting http traffic is of great importance for all sites where any personal data is processed. And also to protect against mitm attacks.

Thus, the use of Forward Secrecy on web servers becomes mandatory for each site that works using the https protocol and allows you to improve the strength of information encryption.

Forward secrecy can be properly configured in nginx.

Ssh key authentication with putty on windows

Authentication in ssh by key has several advantages. First, the convenience. You can have several servers and one key. It is not necessary to enter the password from the server you need each time, which will save time. Secondly, it is safe. You can disable password authentication and ssh will be protected from brute force.

In this article we will analyze work with Putty on Windows. For it there is a handy utility - pgagent, capable of booting automatically when the OS starts, and storing a private key in memory. It can be used not only for Putty, but also for Filezilla.