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Insurance charges in the amount of 32,578 rubles were found for your snills, which means

Messages come to subscribers on the mobile phone, in which the compensation is referred to - “Insurance charges in the amount of 32,578 rubles were found by the number of your withdrawal.” Messages come to e-mail with similar content. This is argued by the fact that the state is silent about payments in order to reduce budget expenditures. But are these statements true, let's look at this later in the article.

Сайт мошенников
The site on which the verification of documents

The content of the article:

Payments service to citizens of the Russian Federation

In the message “Insurance accruals in the amount of 32,578 rubles were found on your snails,” various sites and are indicated, where you can check this and other information. On these sites they offer to check your withdrawals and receive cash payments from extra-budgetary funds. In the site descriptions it is said that there are certain funds that pay funds to almost all citizens of the Russian Federation if they are in arrears according to their data in the service database.

There is a section where it is described why, for what reasons you are supposed to have money as payments.

Описание услуг
Description of site services provided

Upon detailed consideration of the description, it becomes clear that this is fiction and divorce. In the very first line of the "Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 192n" it can be defined, for example, that such a resolution does not exist at all, there is not a single name of the resolution that would contain the letter "H". Then the description deals with a certain inter-regional fund, but such organizations also do not exist, there is a sports development fund or a development fund for something.

If you understand all this, it becomes clear that no extrabudgetary fund will not without a reason distribute money to the public. All reviews on the site are fictional, and photos are simply stolen from social networks and other resources.

What is the deception of users

At the heart of the entire scam is a check on your sniles, where most likely some insurance charges will be revealed that you can easily get. In fact, fraudsters are not interested in even your data from personal documents.

Turning to the site, you can choose to check on a passport or a snail, or rather, on the last 6 digits of the documents.

Проверка по номеру документов
Verification by number of a Silesa or Passport

After you enter the data, simulates the search process in the database of your charges. Everything is organized at a good level. Even the code of the web page is created in such a way that the user does not suspect anything. Numbers are displayed in order - all as in the real search for information on databases.

When the search in the database is stopped, the user sees in front of him the “Get Money” button. But after clicking on it, a window appears, it says that for access to the data of insurers, the service charges you a one-time and fixed fee, which for each one may actually differ.

Сообщение об оплате
Payment message for access to data

The following describes that after making the payment for access, you will receive the sum of all charges that were found during the search. And to continue, you need to click on the "Pay for access" button.


If you received a message or SMS on your e-mail address on your mobile phone with the text, like this - “Insurance credits in the amount of 32,578 rubles were detected by your withdrawal number”, then in no case do not respond and do not visit resources that are provided for visiting and clarifying information in the message. All fraudsters have several sites that are decorated the same way. This means that they have a single interface, the same section descriptions and all the information they contain. There are several of them, the most basic and frequently visited -,,, If messages come to your number often enough, then it can be blacklisted.

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” 8 Comments “ Insurance charges in the amount of 32,578 rubles were found for your Sdilu, which means

  1. Thank you for being. I received a text message, it was with this amount that the site was offered.

  2. Yes, they have already got clever people, their energy and for peaceful purposes, but how can they grab the poor people?

  3. Thank. Scammers are constantly coming up with new ways of cheating. They sent me the site snils-r / online. Allegedly, automatic notification from the passport office.

  4. I also received a message from the pension fund with the same amount, so I forgot about it. I went to draw up the pension and remembered the message, but in the pension I was given a different amount. Thanks for the info, they didn’t even get to the proposed site ... ..

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