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The program recognizes bills 200 and 2000

In 2017, the company “Goznak” created an application for recognizing new Russian banknotes 2000 and 200 rubles. The program for Android and iOS mobile devices has been available in specialty stores since mid-January 2018. Critics say that a real smartphone fake cannot be determined with a smartphone alone, but it’s possible to determine a rude fake.

Приложение для идентификации банкнот
Banknote Identification Application

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Download the 200 and 2000 banknote recognition software for Android and iOS

Banknotes of denominations of 200 and 2000 rubles were issued in 2017. To check any of the two copies, you must launch the application and point the photo or video camera at the bill. The application will scan one of the sides of the banknote. The scan takes into account the symbols of the cities that are shown on it, the positions of the characters, as well as other elements.

In addition, the user will be informed about other public signs on the fresh bills. In the program for recognition of banknotes you can find a list of signs that a person can determine on their own. Using the identifier, you will be shown all the manifestations of the special security features of the RF tickets. They can be identified by touch, with a lumen, under a magnifying glass, while changing the position of the gaze. The application works with all Android operating systems, starting with version 4.4.

Download the application for Android - Banknotes 2017 .

The application works in the same way for iOS devices . Both software versions are available for free. The minimum iOS version is 8.0. Compatible with other devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. The size of the downloaded file is 208 MB.

The application is available for download on the App Store page - Banknotes 2017 .

Cases of fake bills

According to the CEO of Goznak, to date, there have been no cases of counterfeit notes. From the director's own experience, he states that high-quality counterfeit banknotes appear after at least 2 years. At the moment, there can be only primitive fakes. Such bills are usually printed by teens for jokes and pranks. The application will determine this money very quickly. They are easy to spot even with the naked eye, for example, on smooth paper.

The bill recognition program was created to reassure citizens of the authenticity of banknotes. As you could see, in Russia in 2017 there were cases when the seller flatly refused to accept new money due to lack of information. Today, there are numerous signs for determining 200 and 2000 ruble bills, which are described in the program for mobile devices. The list also includes design features and specifications.

Although the application "Banknotes 2017" was developed according to many standards of such verification systems, however, it is not a full-fledged authentication system. At the same ATMs, the recognition system has a more powerful set of recognition functions. If you have any suspicions on a particular bill, but the application defines it as real, you should contact specialized credit organizations in this situation.

Особенности купюры "Две тысячи рублей"
Features of the Two Thousand Rubles bills

How to use the application "Banknotes 2017"

The process of determining the authenticity of banknotes is quite entertaining.

  1. First, take your mobile device, launch the application “Banknotes 2017” and launch the camera of the device that will be used for scanning.
  2. After that, the program determines the denomination of the bill and its side.
  3. When the side is determined, an animated movie will start. For each banknote and side it is different. If the application determines the front side of the 2000th banknote, then you will see on the screen of your device a 3D rocket, which is located on the starting frame of the Oriental. And near the spaceport will float a variety of animated planets.

When the bill is determined, you can make the basic manipulation of the definition of authenticity.

  • Point the camera at the bill, aligning its edges with the indicated corners in the appendix.

    Определение подделки банкноты
    Point the camera at the bill
  • After you do everything correctly, the device will begin to vibrate and the corners of the bill will turn green.
  • If the bill is real, you will see a special inscription: "All signs of authenticity are found."

    Определение признаков подлинности
    Detection of signs of authenticity of bills 200 and 2000 rubles
  • If you did something wrong, you can try again. To do this, click in the upper corner of the special icon.

At the same time, to determine the authenticity of new money using the 2000 and 200 rubles note recognition software, it is necessary to create the most appropriate conditions. For example, the application needs full coverage. Ideal not bright daylight. When you point the camera, avoid direct sunlight when recognizing 200 and 2000 bills.

Some publications describe an interesting case. In 2017, the popular rock group Mumiy Troll sold legal rights to the well-known song “Vladivostok-2000” to the Central Bank and, when calculating, received a symbolic note for this event of 2,000 rubles in one banknote.

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