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Messages in this conversation are encrypted in vibera: what does it mean

Users of the popular instant messenger "VibER" while exchanging text messages may notice next to the text entry line a lock icon that can change its color. When you click on it, a message appears that the messages in this conversation are encrypted, and only you and your interlocutor have access to your conversation. What is this message, and what is its meaning? Let's figure it out.

Разбираемся, что означает уведомление Вайбера о том, что приложение зашифровано
Understand what Vibeer's notification means that the application is encrypted

The content of the article:

Why is it necessary to encrypt messages in Vibera

Privacy and security are fairly significant elements of online communication. Developers of popular instant messengers are constantly looking for and use mechanisms that allow to increase the security of user correspondence, protect chat conversations and digital calls from hacking and data theft. The transition of the popular Telegram and WhatsApp messengers to End-To End encryption inspired the creators of the popular Weber messenger to introduce similar encryption into the functionality of their product.

The mentioned technology “End-to-end encryption” was included in the sixth version of the application “Viber”. The essence of its action is to encrypt data at the time of sending from the sending device, and decrypting this data at the time of receiving at the receiving device. This guarantees the reading of data only on the indicated devices, while on the way, the data are securely closed from prying eyes.

Технология "E2E" позволяет надёжно защитить пользовательские данные
“E2E” technology allows you to securely protect user data

In the specifics, “Messages in this conversation are encrypted” is implemented by generating a device with an installed “VibER” of various private and public 256-bit key pairs called “ID-key” and “PreKeys”. Private keys are created and stored only on user devices, and the Weiber server (as well as other interested parties) do not have access to them. Accordingly, during the transfer of data due to the lack of access to the private keys, neither the Viber server nor any third party is able to decrypt the personal information transmitted by the devices.

Уведомление о зашифрованном публичном чате в Вайбере
Notification of encrypted public chat in Vibera

This technology works in both private and public chat rooms, and concerns both text messages and audio-video calls.

What does the inscription "Messages in this conversation are encrypted" in Viber

With the introduction of this technology, the security level of text communication in Vibeber is displayed as an icon in the form of a padlock.

  • The padlock will turn red in the event of an attack from the outside or a change in the interlocutor of the main telephone number.
  • The gray lock signals that our messages are encrypted.
  • And the alternative green lock is that the authentication key is under constant control.

Also, when you click on the lock icon, you will receive a notification that the messages in your conversation are encrypted. The message “Messages in this conversation are encrypted” may appear when the chat window is opened with another Weber user.

Соответствующее уведомление о шифровании
Appropriate encryption notice

In this case, the work of this technology is due to the mandatory presence on both devices of the sixth version of Weiber, as well as Windows 10 in the case of using the Weber application on a PC.

In some cases, to enable this function, it will be necessary to go through the authentication procedure again.

In addition, with version 6 of Weiber, the opportunity to quickly hide chats, access to which will be possible with the introduction of the appropriate PIN code. In such chats, notification of new messages will go without displaying the message text and the sender's name, plus moving the chat to the category of hidden messages will go without notifying the interlocutor.

Скрытие чата в мессенджере "Вайбер"
Hiding the chat in the "VibER" messenger


Despite the desire of various special services to gain access to private user information, the End-To End technology (and the notification “Messages in this conversation are encrypted”) finds its further implementation in instant messengers and other communication products. Its implementation in Vayber allowed to increase the confidentiality and security of the transmitted information, thereby contributing to the popularity of this application among users.

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” 4 Comments “The messages in this conversation are encrypted in Weiber: what does it mean ?”

  1. Someone will finally explain how to open your personal correspondence encrypted in the vibeer and vatsabe yourself? I am not interested in what is end-to-end encryption, how it works, I'm not some kind of agent. And they only write about this, but I just need to read MY PERSONAL correspondence, which I encrypted without my consent

    1. As for me, this is all the vibe understands. Confidentiality is all good, but encrypting my information from me is overkill. Therefore, it seems to me that the service vibe using this pretext simply deleted it all thus cleared the place from the servers. Imagine how much space you need to allocate space on the server and how much you need to pay for all this, and we don’t pay anything in return for the vibe.

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