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Error code: 0400400017 in the calculation of insurance premiums - how to fix

Смотрите подробности каталог мягкой мебели здесь. . Компьютерная диагностика ошибок тигуан 90f65b2f

». After sending the report “Calculation of insurance premiums” to the FTS, the tax report can inform you about the error 0400400017 found in the report. The latter is accompanied by the message “The equality condition is violated ... ”. This is usually associated with the discrepancy between the indicator of the total annual amount and the amount for the first 9 months, to which the amount is added for the remaining 3 months of the year (4th quarter), revealed by the tax service. Let's see how to fix error 0400400017 when filing for insurance premiums. (Further…) Family Link parental control access code

The Internet is a digital reflection of real life. In addition to the variety of positives, he has negative, meeting with which is undesirable for a precarious children's consciousness. In order to protect our children from the odious influence of the network, we will use various software tools, one of which is the “Family Link” application from Google. The capabilities of this application allow you to set a measure of permissible for a child on the network, and thus avoid the influence of unwanted services and programs on him. Let's see how Family Link works parental control access code, and how to install or uninstall the specified application (more ...)

The instruction at address “0x00000000” addressed memory at address *. Memory cannot be "written"

When a computer component fails, users may not always notice this immediately. We have been working in the system for some time, after which various failures appear. The same can happen with this error: The instruction at the address “0x00000000” addressed the memory at address *. Memory cannot be "written". How to solve it - you will learn by reading the article to the end. (Further…)

Probably, the community contains unacceptable materials how to remove on the iPhone

Over the past few years, the social network VKontakte has changed dramatically. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it has changed its owner. Therefore, we are seeing innovations for the better, as well as some restrictions that are not to the taste of an ordinary user. We are talking about the message "Probably the community contains inappropriate materials." How to remove it on iPhone, you will learn from this article. (Further…)

Error Code 30007 - Could not start the game

When launching any game running through the Easy Anti-Cheat system, the user may encounter a message “Could not start the game” accompanied by error code 30007. This problem is often related to the driver for one of the system devices for which there is no corresponding digital signature. Let's see in detail why the error 30007 appears and how it can be fixed.

Ошибка 30007 (Further…)


Users of the Internet, mobile communications and other similar services are often met by the little-known name of the company - MTT OJSC. What kind of organization it is and what it offers - you will learn about it from this article. You will also be able to read in detail the user feedback on the quality of the services provided and other details on the topic. (Further…)

Error code: 30005 (CreateFile failed with 32.)

Every day, developers are trying to surprise users with new games and even game genres. With the growth of their number, the number of new, previously unknown errors increases. When launching such popular games like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, CrossOut, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite and others , a message appears on the computer with error code 30005 (CreateFile Failed with 32.). How to solve it - read in this article. (Further…)

2147221005 (0x800401F3): Invalid string with class indication - what to do

When performing any tasks with the 1C complex (background data exchange between components, starting the desired configuration, checking the execution of the etc code), an error message 2147221005 (0x800401F3) may appear. » и связана с неверным кодом программы, не зарегистрированными в системе компонентами и другими релевантными факторами. The latter is usually followed by the string “ Invalid string indicating the class ” and is associated with incorrect program code, components not registered in the system, and other relevant factors. Let's see what to do when an error 2147221005 (0x800401F3) appears in your 1C.

error (Further…)

Object: undefined Error number: -2146828275 Description: Type mismatch

». When trying to log into one of the state Internet portals (usually “FS PAP”), the user may encounter the error message “ Object: undefined Error number: -2146828275 Description: Type mismatch ”. In many cases, this is due to the use of the old version of Internet Explorer, which does not meet the requirements of the new site security protocols. Let's look at the essence of the dysfunction that has arisen, as well as how to fix the error “2146828275 Type Mismatch” on your PC. (Further…)

SDBL Error: The table or the configversion field is not contained in the FROM section

». When performing any actions in the 1C system (opening the document, installing the library, updating the database and other related operations), the user may encounter the message “ SDBL error: Table or the configversion field is not contained in the FROM section ”. This is usually due to a technical malfunction in the work of 1C, and to be treated in a number of ways described below. In this article we will analyze what the essence of this dysfunction is and how to correct it.

Configversion error (Further…)